Being a volunteer today means not preparing for the future leader, becoming a hope for the future. It means becoming a leader now, because - FUTURE IS HERE!

Do you want to become a part of the biggest sporting event in our history?

Do you want to meet people from around the world and open the doors to the world?

Don't let the life pass by!

Dragana, volunteer on the European Youth Olympic Festival
“My current boss told me that my volunteering experience was crucial in decision to give me the job, because from the fact that I was a volunteer he figured out that I am a very motivated and devoted person...”

Miloš, volunteer on the European Youth Olympic Festival
“Spending time with volunteers and athletes from all over Europe is the best experience of my life. Now that it's all over, I can hardly wait for Universiade to begin and for me to be the part of the game again...”

Ruža, volunteer on the European Youth Olympic Festival and on European kayak and canoe championship
“Thanks to EYOF and EKCC I've attended some of the biggest European sporting events, I've learned a lot about organizing such events, gave my best to help and, as the most important thing, made some friends for a lifetime from all across Europe and Serbia. I can hardly wait the Universiade!!!„

13000 athletes
Over 170 countries from around the globe
21 sport events
Over 60 sport venues
New Athletes village!!!

Biggest sport event in Serbia ever!!!

Apply over e-mail, leave your contact details and short biography and become volunteer... UB2009 volunteer!!!


Who is volunteer?

The word volunteer origins from latin word “valo” or “velle” which meansi HOPE, DETERMINATION, READINESS.

Volunteer is every person ready to devote a part of her/his time, give a part of her/himself, share knowledge, help every Universiade participant, and not expect any money in return.

Volunteer is every person ready to make new friends, discover some new own talents, develop new skills, gain some confidence, learn a lot about her/himself and the others end experience Universiade - unique and unforgettable experience.

To be a volunteer in big and important organizations all over the world means and honor and a privilege, and between businessmen it is highly ranked as a school which only the chosen can attend. There are several important things for the good start to successful career, besides the formal education, like social awareness and teamwork and those are some of the key features of the volunteer experience.
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